Smartly calculating planetary screws

Smartly calculating planetary screws

Intuitive parameterisation instead of rummaging through thick catalogues: with the latest expansion of the proven Linear Motion Designer (LMD) design tool, Bosch Rexroth is setting new standards for the calculation of screw drives and linear guides. Service life and lubricant use can be determined with just a few clicks. Seamless data transfer to the configurator means that linear technology as a whole can be designed and documented much more quickly and conveniently.

The performance of the extended LMD calculation tool is particularly evident in the PLSA planetary screw drives. For example, important target variables such as speed, revolutions or cycle time can be intuitively parameterised in logical steps. If users enter certain framework data such as stroke and process time, they immediately receive the appropriate result variables. Another practical feature concerns the end shape of the spindle: after selecting it, the LMD immediately displays the resulting drive torque.

Error-free design and optimised use of resources

As a result, the targeted user guidance with product-specific calculation algorithms in the background avoids critical design errors. The improved functions of the LMD thus go far beyond a purely DIN-compliant service life calculation. In addition, the interactive software tool automatically calculates the necessary lubrication intervals and quantities based on the environmental and operating data entered. This optimises maintenance and saves resources.

At the end of the calculations, the user automatically receives a detailed PDF file with an overview of all technical information. Overall, the effort for product configuration can thus be reduced to a minimum.

Seamless connection to the configurator

Bosch Rexroth saves additional time with its seamless connection to the configurator. Among other things, the data and dimensions of the end bearing defined in the LMD are transferred directly. This means that it is no longer necessary to look up data in the product catalogue when switching to the configurator. The complete screw drive unit can be ordered more quickly.

Comprehensive product range for heavy-duty applications

PLSA planetary screw drives are designed for high load capacities and dynamics: Compared to conventional preloaded systems, the load ratings of the preloaded single nut reach twice as high values. The result is an eightfold increase in nominal life. With spindle diameters from 20 to 75 mm, the PLSAs cover a finely graduated, wide range of forces in the top performance range. Together with speeds of up to 50 m/min and dynamic load capacities of up to 544 kN, they open up a wide range of applications. PLSAs are used, among other things, in the automotive sector to apply adhesives as part of dispensing tasks, for example when gluing windows. Other typical applications include testing machines, tube bending machines, servo presses and packaging machines.