Update software conveniently

Update software conveniently

With the new "Update Tool" in the Lasal engineering tool from Sigmatek, programme changes that affect the sequence, visualisation, control, etc. can be made collectively on a convenient interface in the Machine Manager: Simply enter the relevant commands, set parameters, comment if necessary and then update at the touch of a button.

From the point of view of quality management, machine applications can thus be imported into the control systems - securely, without error sources and reproducibly. In the case of spare parts, the delivery status can be easily installed. The process runs fully automatically and delivers a result file (log file) at the end. This not only ensures quality, but also reduces the time required. This is especially true for multi-CPU applications, where programmes can be imported centrally from one point into all CPUs of the machine.

26 basic functions are available for a wide range of commands and functions, which can be fed with parameters or sources. Examples are "Download Visualisation" and "Move File". For example, environment variables can also be set (machine setup), application-specific data such as PDF files or even basic recipes can be copied into the "update package". This means that a setup can be created fully automatically at any time or older machine software can be restored at any time at the touch of a button, without specific knowledge or documentation of where which software or files are located.

The 'Make Update Sticks' function is now also available in the Machine Manager. This makes it possible to copy the updated files to a USB stick. In this way, a complete software package can be triggered on site at the machine or system simply by plugging in the USB stick.

The update package can also be sent zipped and simply executed by the recipient via Lasal Machine Manager without any further dependencies.