Ensure plant availability

Ensure plant availability

Ensure plant availability

Even under difficult environmental conditions and high shaft loads, the new incremental and absolute encoders from Balluff precisely detect lengths, positions, speeds, rotary movements and angles.

In industrial applications, the process cycles are precisely timed. In order to adhere to them, the control of rotary and belt speeds and the exact positioning of workpieces is essential. The new rotary encoders from Balluff record precise lengths, positions, speeds, rotary movements and angles. "The encoders monitor rotary axes that control the precise positioning of workpieces and the movement of machines and systems," says Balluff product manager Josef Albano. Rotary encoders convert mechanical movements into digital electrical signals. Depending on the application, they have different measuring principles. If a high resolution is required, optical encoders that measure incrementally are usually used. In harsh environmental conditions, magnetic encoders are the right choice and are available with both incremental and absolute measuring principles.

For applications with high shaft loads

"With incremental displacement measurement, each movement is measured by the positive or negative increment of the distance travelled," Albano explains. The incremental encoders measure angles with the highest resolution. Among other things, encoders are available especially for applications with a high shaft load, suitable up to 500 Newton, as well as variants with protection class up to IP69K and stainless steel housing for high corrosion protection.

Precise and reliable positioning

The absolute encoders ensure highly accurate positioning of critical machine parts. "With absolute displacement measurement, the position is specified as an absolute value. This means that the machine is ready for use immediately after being switched on again and does not require a reference run," explains Albano. The absolute encoders are particularly reliable; their data cannot be lost even in the event of a power failure.

1.8 million variants

Rotary encoders are used everywhere: in automation technology, machine tools or food processing, in packaging machines, robotics and mobile machines. The new variants complement Balluff's extensive automation portfolio. With the encoder configurator, the right magnetic or optical encoder for the respective application can be found among 1.8 million variants - whether incremental or absolute.