Sensor hub - Coating

Expand condition monitoring of servomotors

Expand condition monitoring of servomotors

Expand condition monitoring of servomotors

With the sHub, Sick is presenting a smart addition to the EDS / EDM35 motor feedback system for the first time. The sensor hub with integrated acceleration sensor enables comprehensive condition monitoring of electrical drives down to each individual servo axis of a machine. The sHub is intended to pave the way for the EDS / EDM35 to enter the world of digitized drive technology with its increasingly intelligent servo drive systems.

In addition to the position and speed of the drive, the sHub uses Hiperface DSL to transmit measurement information about the vibrations on the drive and the temperature of the motor winding of the servomotor to the controller.

Knowledge of the condition of machines and servomotors helps to identify malfunctions and failure risks earlier, to rectify them more quickly or to reliably avoid them. With the sHub, faults in the drive, such as ball bearing damage or imbalance, can be detected in real time and thus rectified in good time before a machine failure. This is particularly important for highly dynamic or safety-related systems that are designed for 100% machine availability. This reliability is now effectively supported by the combination of the safety-certified EDS / EDM35 (PL d, SIL2).

Motor and controller manufacturers as well as machine builders benefit

The sensor hub and its functionalities can be easily integrated into motor controllers and motion control systems, as the Hiperface DSL infrastructure is already in place. The synchronous recording of position and vibration data by sHub increases the forecast accuracy for the point in time when a component will fail. At the same time, the sensor hub from Sick offers the necessary intelligence and connectivity for the future-proof implementation of Industry 4.0. This enables machine manufacturers to develop and offer their own service concepts based on the status data of the hub, for example for predictive maintenance.