Future ready

Future ready

For decades absolute rotary encoders have been the „Go To” sensor in machines where exact position and/or speed feedback are required. Nowadays encoders provide much more than simple process data. They are key components in providing data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance procedures, ensuring maximum uptime in today’s complex industrial machinery. Thanks to the integrated IO-Link interface, Siko’s new WV3650M and WH3650M are the „Gateway” to Industry 4.0 applications.

Siko's new WV3650M and WH3650M are the second generation of the 36 mm series of absolute rotary encoders. Thanks to the new architecture, the encoders are compact in design and now offer IO-Link as an interface option. New intelligent features make these sensors perfect for your future Industry 4.0 machines. Having either a hollow (WH3650M) or solid (WV3650M) shaft design, the series of absolute rotary encoders is available in either an IO-Link or Standard Serial Interface (SSI) version.

The IO-Link version is supplied with Version 1.1 according to IEC 61131-9. This version is equipped with the latest communication and diagnostic features. Information relevant to system availability, including data such as temperature, operating hours, and other key operational values, are provided in addition to process related position and speed values.

Simple integration thanks to intelligent design strategy

With the various available interfaces, such as IO-Link and SSI, the WV3650M and WH3650 can easily be integrated into your control system. Additionally, with the wide variety of standard mechanical (solid and hollow shaft) and electrical (pigtail or connector) connections, you can select the solution that best fits your application requirements. Whether it is a single or multiturn variant, there is a WV3650M or WH3650M encoder to your design specifications.

Cost efficient yet robust in design

Depending upon the option selected, the multiturn version, utilizing 24 bits of data, can operate with up to 16,000,000 shaft revolutions! With our gearless, battery free, multiturn technology, we offer you the best price to performance ratio available, without skimping on the design. With protection class up to IP67, an operating temperature range of -40 to + 85 ° Celsius, high shock and vibration tolerance, the WV3650M and WH3650M are ideally suited for most industrial and factory automation applications.

Draw-wire encoders with IO-Link or Standard Serial Interface (SSI) with up to 15-meter range

The WV3650M, in combination with SIKO’s wide range of draw-wire solutions, provides you with up to 15 meters of precise absolute linear positioning. Additionally, with Siko's MagLine offering, the WV3650M and WH3650M absolute encoders, Siko can provide solutions for both linear and rotary absolute positioning with either IO-Link or SSI interface, giving the design engineer the most flexibility in machine design.