Increase efficiency of gas engines

Increase efficiency of gas engines

Rigid, robust endoscopes from Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec are used for demanding inspection tasks, for example on gas engines. The Eltrotec MKF-D endoscopes have an integrated swivel prism, which enables an unsurpassed direction of view from -7 ° to + 133 °. These industrial endoscopes are used for non-destructive visual inspection. An early detection of possible incorrect parameters increases the efficiency significantly.

The modern endoscopes from Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec can be used to inspect liners, pistons and valves, among other things. The endoscopic images of the rigid ELTROTEC MFK-D endoscopes allow an exact conclusion as to whether a clean combustion and good lubrication takes place in the gas engine. Because these two factors contribute significantly to the efficiency and thus to the productivity of gas engines.

The advantages of rigid endoscopes compared to flexible probes are particularly evident in larger cavities because they are easy to use there. The integrated swivel prism enables a large opening angle of -7 ° to + 133 °, which is continuously adjustable and determines the visible size of the image section. The direction of view of the endoscope is conveniently controlled with just one finger using the handwheel on the control unit. The optics, which can be rotated by 370 °, also allow the entire area in front of the endoscope to be inspected. High quality achromatic lens systems offer excellent image quality. The endoscope can be operated with a mobile high-performance LED or connected to a camera system.

A wide range of products is available for various applications, including rigid and flexible endoscopes, miniature endoscopes and video endoscopes with extensive accessories. Individual adaptations to the customer application can be implemented from just one piece.