Slip rings

Performance packed into the cylinder

Performance packed into the cylinder

Performance packed into the cylinder

Various factors play a role in the selection of suitable slip rings for data, signal or power transmission. Depending on the application, individual requirements must be met, for example in terms of size, space and design or conductivity, stability and noise generation. Servotecnica offers expert support and supplies slip rings in many types, sizes and equipment variants for various industries.

There are two different types of slip rings, which are determined by their shape: the classic slip ring with a cylindrical shape and the flat slip ring, which is called a disc slip ring. The main difference between the two designs lies in the arrangement of the rings, which are stacked on top of one another in the cylindrical slip rings. In contrast, disc slip rings have a flat, concentric shape. Flat slip rings show good thermal behavior due to the contact surfaces that are becoming larger and larger towards the outside. They are particularly suitable for space-limited applications such as robots or cobots.

Modular, robust and reliable

Cylindrical slip rings - as they have in Servotecnica's range - are the most common because they are typically cheaper and more versatile than the plate versions. They have a centrally rotating shaft on which individual contact rings are attached, which are picked up by brushes. The brush-on-ring construction can be built up modularly, so that several rings can be strung together in order to reach many transmitting circuits.

Another advantage compared to the plate version is that the individual rings can be combined flexibly. The simple construction of the cylindrical slip rings also allows greater mechanical tolerances. Their galvanized rings are thicker than those of the disc slip rings. They are suitable for higher speeds and with the appropriate brushes, currents of up to 500 A and more can be transmitted. In addition, traditional cylindrical slip rings impress with their easy assembly, maintenance and repair as well as their high reliability and long service life.