Real time maintenance

Real time maintenance

Maintenance and servicing is associated with a high level of effort in many production facilities. Digitisation can achieve a significant increase in efficiency for many tasks and thus reduce the effort. With the Real Time Maintenance (RTM) module in the Moneo digitalisation platform from IFM, implementation is very simple.

In order to be able to carry out maintenance and servicing tasks at exactly the right time, one thing in particular is necessary: the measured values that are recorded in the plant by sensors must be converted into information and made available in real time. The RTM module in the Moneo digitalisation platform is designed for precisely this task. With a few mouse clicks, the user can configure individual dashboards that provide all important information as an image of the plant.

A plant image can be used as a background to visualise the position of the sensors. The measured values of individual sensors or calculated values can be displayed in different forms, for example as a bar chart, pointer chart or xy-diagram. The user can easily set warning thresholds and limit values. The display is colour-coded and thus shows at a glance where a limit value is exceeded.

By creating rules, notifications, warnings or alarms can be triggered, with communication taking place by e-mail, for example. Since the system always uses the live status of the system, moneo RTM triggers these actions in real time. For Real Time Maintenance, tickets are generated directly, which contain all important information. The system saves the tickets in an event history, in which comments are also recorded. In this way, an employee can, for example, directly document maintenance work that has been carried out.

It is also possible to analyse the recorded values by acknowledging the tickets. This makes it possible to identify the causes of certain system states, which is helpful in troubleshooting. The future Shop Floor Integration (SFI) module enables a direct connection to the corresponding maintenance SAP tool. The RTM module in moneo ensures optimal digitalisation in maintenance. The results are improved efficiency, higher plant availability and thus lower costs.