Slip rings

Reliably transmit load and signals

Reliably transmit load and signals

Reliably transmit load and signals

Slip ring manufacturer Kübler is expanding its portfolio with a special solution for co-robots, robots with a stationary rotating platform or also for pick & place robots. The Kübler plate slip ring, also known as the pancake slip ring, is used to transmit loads and signals for various gripper systems that are electrically driven.

With its mechanical and technical features, the new disk slip ring from Kübler ensures high data security and high system availability. Cables could be used to transmit loads and signals in collaborative robots. The main disadvantage is the limited mobility of the robot arm. A continuous rotary movement is not possible with cables. Even in swivel mode, the common cables are exposed to such high mechanical loads that they often form the weakest link in the chain. But especially in highly automated and synchronized processes, the system availability is an extremely important asset.

That is why plate slip rings (pancake slip rings) are justified in robotics. By using them, the load and signal are reliably transferred from a stationary platform to the rotating platform, in this case the gripper system at the end of the robot arm. For the dynamics of the robot arm, the weight and its overall length are essential. The Kübler disc slip ring, with its short construction of 10-15 mm in the axial direction and its negligible low weight, is a very good solution for numerous robots with an electric gripper system. The shorter the robot arm, the faster the robot can move. As a result, work processes are processed in shorter cycle times and thus lead to higher system efficiency.

Permanently reliable transmission and long service life

Trouble-free transmission of load and signals is essential for high system availability. To ensure this, the Kübler plate slip rings are equipped with a multiple redundant system, which offers a high level of transmission security. This technology ensures a permanently reliable transmission of load and signals. This is achieved through multiple contacts per transmission path, each of which in turn has multiple contact points. There are therefore at least 4 contacts (brushes) on the circumference of the disc slip ring, and each one with micro springs ensures reliable transmission of load and signal. This multiple or, in other words, multiple redundant scanning, nothing stands in the way of a perfect supply of electrical gripper systems. The transfer takes place by pressing the two plates / disks. As a rule, the slip ring module is integrated into the gripper housing.

Kübler slip rings offer a long service life. Due to the many contact points, the slightest contact pressure is sufficient to transmit load and signals without interference. Due to the low pressure on the two disks, the disk slip rings are maintenance-free and ensure a long service life and contribute to high system availability. Common versions currently provide up to 5 A / 60 VAC, 48 VDC and are available up to 20 channels. Kübler disc slip rings are suitable for fieldbus / Industrial Ethernet and cover a working temperature range of -40 ° C ... + 75 ° C.

Individual integrated plate slip ring solution

Kübler develops and manufactures its slip rings in Bavaria at the Otterfing location with a high level of quality awareness. In addition to the precise manual work involved in the manufacture of a slip ring, automated production processes are also integrated in order to ultimately be able to offer customers cost-optimized solutions. Together with the customer and 20 years of experience in transmission technology, Kübler always develops a slip ring solution that excels in terms of robustness, durability and cost-effectiveness. The challenge when using disc slip rings in robotics is optimal integration, whether as a kit or an encapsulated solution.