Rotary encoder in space-saving 27 mm long housing

Rotary encoder in space-saving 27 mm long housing

Position and motion control sensor specialist Posital has announced new models of its popular Ixarc encoders with a housing length of just 27 mm. This reduced length, combined with a diameter of just 36 mm, makes the super-compact devices ideal for confined spaces.

The radial cable entry and shaft sealing are IP65 rated, ensuring reliable operation in wet and dirty conditions. A variety of flange and shaft configurations are available, reducing the need for costly adapters or special custom solutions.

The new compact encoders are based on Posital's proven magnetic measurement technology. Both incremental and absolute single-turn versions are available. Incremental versions are programmable: the resolution can be set via software from one to 16,384 pulses per revolution without having to change the mechanical properties of the devices. Similarly, the pulse direction and the output driver - either push-pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL) - can be reset by software updates. With Posital's easy-to-use Ubifast programming tool, changes can be made quickly and safely in the workshop or in the field. Absolute versions have resolutions of up to 16 bits and are available with analogue, CANopen or SSI interfaces.

Posital makes it easy for customers to find the right Posital encoder for their specific application. The product finder tool at www.posital.com allows the user to specify the product features required for their project and quickly find the most suitable encoder type.