Safe and flexible

Safe and flexible

When workpieces are moved or precise positioning or alignment is required, users throughout the industry turn to electric drives. The precise control of the electric motor used for this is carried out by motor controllers, which have to meet high requirements in terms of safety, reliability, precision and compatibility. The new LECSN-T series motor controller from SMC combines these characteristics, thanks to the safety function STO (Safe Torque Off), communication via network card for a wide range of fieldbus protocols and compatibility with 22-bit absolute encoders - which makes reference runs unnecessary.

Whether in the automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries or in general automation applications in mechanical engineering: electric drives are used throughout the industry and ensure efficient production processes. To ensure that they can always perform their task reliably, accurately and safely, the appropriate motor controllers are needed for control. With the new LECSN-T series, SMC provides a solution for its LEY, LEF and LEJ electric drive series that is convincing in many respects: For example, the motor controller for AC servo motors has the STO safety function, supports a comprehensive selection of fieldbus protocols thanks to communication via network card and, thanks to compatibility with an absolute encoder, ensures that the drive is restarted quickly after a voltage drop.

Switch off the torque safely - and start it up again immediately

In order to achieve an emergency stop or to prevent the unexpected start-up of an electric drive, the motor controller of the LECSN-T series is equipped with the safety function STO (Safe Torque Off) and thus complies with the internationally valid standard EN / IEC 61800-5-2. The motor thus receives no energy from the power output stage of the drive and can no longer generate torque - this guarantees a high degree of safety in production operation.

At the same time, in the event that the power supply is switched off, for example for maintenance purposes, but also after a power failure or an emergency stop to avert danger, operation can be continued directly from the last position: The background to this is the compatibility with a 22-bit absolute encoder, which, thanks to the storage of the last position, makes a renewed and time-consuming reference run unnecessary and thus means a plus in terms of productivity.

Flexible thanks to network card

The motor controllers of the LECSN-T series, which are designed for a supply voltage of 100-120 and 220-230 V AC, communicate via exchangeable network cards. On the one hand, this enables easy adaptation to the required network protocol, and on the other hand, it allows flexible use without having to replace the amplifier. In addition, a variety of fieldbus protocols are available - from Profinet to Ethercat and Ethernet/IP™ to SSCNET III/H and CC-Link. In the case of the Profinet and Ethercat fieldbus protocols, up to 255 positions can be controlled.

With the appropriate nominal power supply, the motor controller is compatible with the following motor ratings of the LEY, LEF and LEJ electric actuator series: 0.9 A (100 W), 1.5 A (200 W), 2.6 A (400 W) and 3.8 A (750 W). The display on the back shows the communication status with the power amplifier and the alarm. Here you will also find the setting options for axis adjustment and switching to test mode, as well as the connections for the power supply, the motor and STO cables, the positioning unit and the USB connection for software installation.