Smallest redundant encoder now with CAN or analogue

Smallest redundant encoder now with CAN or analogue

According to their own information, the development engineers at FSG Fernsteuergeräte have once again set sensor standards and surpassed their own best marks: The miniature encoder of the MH609y-II-CAN series not only offers maximum functionality for a wide range of customer applications, but is now also available as MH609y-II-MU-i in a version with two analogue signal outputs for 4-20 mA. With a diameter of 22.2 mm and a housing length of approx. 41 mm, it is the smallest redundant magnetic encoder in the FSG portfolio. This makes it particularly suitable for use in position detection in very confined installation spaces. By extending the range of functions, FSG is further expanding the MH609y-II device series.

In its robust and compact housing, the new miniature analogue encoder features a redundant Hall sensor with a resolution of 12 bits that can detect an angular range from 0 to 360°. In its IP65-protected housing made of anodised aluminium, the smallest encoder in its class is ideally suited to the demands of outdoor and offshore use in ships, rail vehicles as well as construction and agricultural machinery: it is shock-resistant with accelerations up to 25 g (6 ms) and vibration-proof up to 4 g (sine, 5-100 Hz). The temperature range is -40 to +85 °C.

The starting point for the development was a previous customer solution for a small encoder with a downstream signal converter for CAN bus. FSG then developed the MH609y-II-CAN series, a cheaper and more compact solution without additional separate converters. The signal output was via two CAN bus interfaces using the CANopen protocol. Recently, this miniature encoder was supplemented by the version with two signal outputs for 4-20 mA, with otherwise the same dimensions and functional features. Whether analogue or digital, Stefan König, Sales Manager at FSG Fernsteuergeräte, sees many possible applications for the device series: "The rotary encoders of the MH609y-II series are mainly used for joysticks, master controllers, command encoders for ships and position feedback devices, because installation in these applications is always space-critical. At the same time, the trend is to use the space gained through miniaturisation by integrating additional functions into operating devices for vehicles and machines. "n principle, all FSG standard encoders can be adapted to customer-specific requirements in terms of their electrical interfaces and mechanical design. Thus, the next innovation level in FSG sensors is usually only one customer request away.