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Split and convert SinCos encoder signals

Split and convert SinCos encoder signals

High-precision SinCos encoder multiplier and splitter for demanding motion applications from ACS.

In demanding motion applications such as the inspection of wafers or flat screens, digital printing, biomedical systems, optical metrology or mechanical engineering, the sine-cosine signals of an encoder often have to be processed further in different evaluation units, for example to synchronise axes or trigger external cameras.

For such high-precision motion control applications, ACS Motion Control now offers the EM1024, a high-resolution SinCos encoder multiplier and splitter. It generates a total of four output signals from an incoming encoder signal: two buffered SinCos signals that are identical to the original, and two digital incremental signals in which the sine-cosine period is resolved into up to 1024 digital pulses. Thus, motion controllers or other evaluation and control devices without SinCos encoder inputs can also use the encoder signal.

"At the same time, EM1024 offers higher precision and improved functions compared to its predecessor," adds Jason Goerges, General Manager of ACS Motion Control USA and Global Vice President of Marketing. For example, the maximum input frequency of the sine-cosine signal is 700 kHz and the maximum output frequency of the incremental signal is 25 million pulses per second.

Sophisticated calibration functions for filter, gain, phase, offset and hysteresis ensure maximum precision. The compact multiplier and splitter is designed for DIN rail mounting. Sub-D connectors facilitate integration into the application; in addition, a jumper can be used to set whether the power supply is to come from the controller or drive system or from an external source. The EM1024 is available immediately.