Condition Monitoring

Viewing holistically

Viewing holistically

New product portfolio from Bühler Technologies promises decisive added value.

Condition monitoring for oil hydraulic systems does not stop at temperature or vibration monitoring. The substance that is actually involved, the oil, is often neglected and replaced on suspicion after a certain period of time. But was this expensive change even necessary? Or worse, was it perhaps already long overdue and the machine has already suffered permanent damage?

To answer such questions, Buhler Technologies has set up a completely new product portfolio. The new sensor technology looks at the most important parameters of oil condition monitoring, such as moisture, particles, permittivity, conductivity and temperature, as well as various combinations of these measured values, in order to obtain reliable statements about the oil condition and the remaining service life.

To round things off, Bühler Technologies also offers the right equipment combination for oil maintenance. For example, combinations of the BPM particle monitor with the BNF filter unit are available.