Intuitive to operate, sensitive, compact

Intuitive to operate, sensitive, compact

Hardly any control panel in commercial vehicles can do without them: Joysticks facilitate sensitive control in cranes, construction vehicles or municipal vehicles for road cleaning, waste disposal or the maintenance of green areas. With their help, buckets and co. move precisely and smoothly in various axes without requiring force to operate. Likewise, the compact control elements prove themselves in medical devices and robotics applications in industry, for example. Althen offers a wide range of different mini joysticks for up to three motion axes, with or without additional switches in the handle. The entire program can be delivered at short notice.

The most basic decision when selecting a joystick is the required number of axes. Is movement in the X and Y directions sufficient, or is the Z axis also required to map the desired movement? Equally critical is the backdrop that defines the range of motion for the joystick. Some applications can be guided in a cross-slide, for others free movement in X and Y direction is more advantageous.

These considerations about the desired movement are followed by the selection of the appropriate knob. In addition to individual preferences about the most pleasant and practical shape, some models offer the possibility of integrating additional switches in the handle. With such switches, a movement can be locked at the current position, for example, or the switch triggers an additional action without the operator having to release his hand from the joystick to do so. This would not only be unnecessary for time reasons, but can also sensitively interfere with a movement that is to be guided sensitively.

All Althen mini joysticks respond to minimal force. Because of their easy operation, they are also called finger or thumb joysticks and thus distinguished from their larger "colleagues". The installation situation and the specific application of the joystick also influence the selection. Some versions can be inserted into a control panel from above, others are mounted from below. Whether 0-5 or 0-10 V is selected as the output signal depends on whether the joystick is to be used in a stand-alone remote control or in a vehicle that has its own on-board power supply and can therefore handle larger signal strengths.

All mini joysticks from Althen work with Hall Effect sensors. The non-contact signal transmission minimizes mechanical wear and thus ensures a long service life, regardless of the selected design. The mini joysticks also feature a very precise return to center voltage as soon as they jump back to the neutral center position.

One of the smallest mini joysticks

With the TS2 mini, Althen has one of the smallest mini joysticks for two axes in its portfolio. It is operated with the thumb and is suitable for installation in larger hand-held joysticks or in armrests and small remote controls. Its angle of motion is 30° in all directions. The expected lifetime is about 2.5 million switching cycles and meets IP76 above the mounting panel.

Another distinguishing feature, such as in the HE series, is also the choice of rubber coating, which differentiates a particularly low-cost entry-level version from a higher-quality version. A grippier rubber coating provides a more valuable feel. The large selection of mini joysticks is an ideal complement to Althen's range of sensor and measurement technology. For every industrial measuring task, you will find exactly the right sensor and the perfect operating element.