Target wheels

Complete system for machine tools

Complete system for machine tools

Quick to assemble and reliable in operation – this is what machine components have to be like today. Lenord+Bauer, a specialist in detecting speeds and positions in high-speed spindles, offers a "plug and play" solution with MiniCoders and matching ferromagnetic precision target wheels.

Machine and plant manufacturers have discovered the advantages of ready-made and coordinated components that they can easily integrate into their systems.

Sensor and material measure must also match to ensure perfect function. Precise target wheels are a prerequisite for optimal signal quality, particularly in applications in which speed signals are highly interpolated or in which increased demands are placed on the positioning accuracy.

In addition to standard target wheels, Lenord+Bauer also offers customer-specific versions with an individual inner diameter and number of teeth, bores, threads or keyways for more flexibility in machine construction. In addition, the multifunctional design allows it to be used, for example, as a bearing cap. The target wheels can be mounted either by shrinking, clamping or screwing.

Thanks to the in-house gear design, Lenord+Bauer is able to reproduce test setups and support the customer in the event of an error.