Synchronous motors

Leading the way in savings

Leading the way in savings

The IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motor from Nord Drivesystems clearly exceeds the highest efficiency class IE5. The particularly compact and energy-efficient motor offers a consistently high efficiency of up to 93 per cent and more over a wide torque range and therefore also develops an optimum energy balance in the partial load and partial speed range.

Significantly lower CO2 emissions than IE3

The IE5+ motor therefore not only saves energy, but also emissions. Compared to a conventional IE3 asynchronous motor, an IE5+ synchronous motor reduces emissions by around 0.15 tonnes of CO2 per year. This applies to a single motor. For large systems, for example in intralogistics with hundreds or even thousands of drives, this adds up to an impressive total saving. This model calculation is based on the following assumptions:

  • IE3 asynchronous motor with 0.75 kW, 83% motor efficiency and bevel gearbox
  • IE5+ synchronous motor with 0.75 kW, 93% motor efficiency and helical bevel gearbox
  • Period: 16 operating hours per day, which corresponds to 4,000 operating hours per year
  • Energy saving thanks to the IE5+: approx. 400 kWh per year
  • Reduction in emissions: 0.15 tonnes of CO2 per year (with a CO2 emission factor of 366 g/kWh)

Savings not only in energy - but also in materials

The IE5+ motor has another impressive sustainability factor: material efficiency. "Various innovations in motor design help us to realise significant material savings with our new IE5+ series," explains Jörg
Niermann, Head of Marketing. Nord Drivesystems designed the IE5+ as an 8-pole synchronous motor with an IPM design. This reduces the size of the motor's active components, which not only leads to material savings in the laminated core, but also in the magnet material

Less rare earths

As part of the material savings, the proportion of rare earths in the magnet material has also been reduced. Rare earths are mainly found in Russia, China and Brazil and can only be mined at great expense and with great environmental impact. "We are pleased that we have been able to significantly reduce the use of this material," explains Niermann. In 8-pole synchronous motors, the stator can also be manufactured with so-called single-tooth windings. This means that valuable material such as copper is only used where it is actually productive and the inefficient use in the winding head is reduced.

Our IE5+ synchronous motor combines energy efficiency with material efficiency and therefore scores double points in terms of sustainability," emphasises Niermann. Of course, this not only applies to the IE5+ motor itself, but also to the DuoDrive geared motor in which the IE5+ is integrated.