Making automation more accessible

Making automation more accessible

Comau presents its new S-Family of small but powerful robots.

The first two high-speed robots, with payloads ranging from 13 kg up to 18 kg, are expressly intended for assembly, arc welding and handling applications where accuracy, repeatability and speed are non-negotiable. Distinguished by their demanding performance and their historic red robot design, they also reflect Comau's commitment to making automation more accessible to diverse and non-automotive industries. The compact, robust and versatile robots can easily enter small spaces and tight areas that are difficult to reach with other robots. And because they are certified highly energy efficient according to Fraunhofer process instructions, the S-Family of 6-axis articulated robots helps companies achieve higher production quality and better performance with reduced energy consumption and lower costs.

The S-Family robots are perfect for applications that require extreme accuracy and speed, while ensuring complete protection from elements such as water, dust and other contaminants. Their best-in-class IP68 hollow wrist design allows electrical and auxiliary cabling to run inside the wrist, allowing the robots to be more agile while minimizing the risk of damage.

In addition, they are the only robots with fully integrated arc and gigabit equipment, helping to eliminate layout constraints, facilitate assembly and installation, ensure faster response times, and significantly reduce cable kinks and breaks and subsequent maintenance costs. In addition to automating welding, handling, foundry, automotive and battery manufacturing processes, the S family can therefore easily be used for food and beverage and general assembly applications. Finally, the robots can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling, allowing space to be optimized without compromising performance.

“Comau’s new S family of small high-speed robots combines efficiency and technical excellence with the features needed to be used effectively in new markets and specialized application areas,” said Nicole Clement, Chief Business Unit Leader for Advanced Automation Solutions. “Our commitment to making automation easier to install and use, especially in non-automotive markets where automation is growing rapidly, is another way Comau is bringing the power of automation to an increasingly diverse sector of industries and applications.”

The S-Family robots have been tested and certified for energy efficiency using Fraunhofer methods and are available in two different payload configurations (13 and 18 kg) with a reach of 1700 mm and a repeatability of ±0.03 mm.

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