Linear axis

Maximum productivity in a compact design

The new TLS telescopic system from Rollon, a specialist in linear motion systems, is truly an amazing space-saver. The 2- and 3-stage systems with combined rack-and-pinion and synchronous belt drive allow large strokes of up to 3,000 mm even in the case of limited installation space, thus significantly expanding the automation spectrum.

The TLS telescopic linear system from Rollon comprises 2- and 3-stage solutions for automation in confined spaces. The extremely compact design enables long strokes with high loads, even in the case of limited installation space. This makes the new telescopic system ideal for applications in which the length of axis travel exceeds the distance between the machine and the ceiling or wall.

Efficient use of space

The use of economical aluminum extruded sections, in combination with high-rigidity linear ball bearing guides and a rack-and-pinion drive, achieves optimal performance with no compromises in cost-effectiveness. Abrasion-resistant polyurethane synchronous belts serve to synchronize the single stages. An automated lubrication system ensures a long life and low maintenance expenses. The space-saving compact design allows efficient use of the available space. By way of comparison: For a stroke of 1,200 mm, the installation length with a conventional axis from the Plus system (SC160) is 2,000 mm; with the TLS280 it is only 1,095 mm. The installation space is therefore cut in half.

Vertical and horizontal installation

The TLS system is suitable for both vertical installation (limited ceiling height) and horizontal installation (limited installation space to the side) and is designed for strokes of up to 3,000 mm and loads of up to 450 kg. Dual-stroke variants are also available. When installed vertically, the system achieves speeds of up to 6 m/s and acceleration rates of up to 12 m/s2 with repeatability of ±0.05 mm. Horizontal installation of the linear system enables speeds of up to 6 m/s and acceleration rates of up to 20 m/s2 with repeatability of ±0.03 mm.

2- and 3-stage systems

The new telescopic system is versatile for use in machine loading or assembly automation, for example, and is designed for seamless integration in multi-axis configurations. In the 3-stage variants, synchronization of the single stages is achieved exclusively by synchronous belts. This makes it ideal for use in highly dynamic applications, such as loading of pressing tools. For applications involving heavy weights, on the other hand, the 2-stage systems are the preferred variant. The combination of rack-and-pinion gear and synchronous belt for synchronization of the second stage makes them very robust.

Compact, high-performance, long-lasting: The TLS system from Rollon offers an ideal solution for automation in limited installation situations, thus allowing maximum productivity in applications with minimum space requirements.

Picture: Rollon GmbH

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