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Maxon develops compact multi-axis controller MicroMACS6 – the new motion controller

Maxon develops compact multi-axis controller MicroMACS6 – the new motion controller

Maxon develops compact multi-axis controller MicroMACS6 – the new motion controller

Maxon develops compact multi-axis controller MicroMACS6 – the new motion controller

With the new MicroMACS6, drive specialist maxon and motion control solution specialist zub Machine Control are developing a compact multi-axis controller.

For decades, Maxon has been developing and producing drive components that are among the best in the world. This includes precision motors, gearheads, encoders, power stages, and controllers. A logical next step is to combine these drive components into a mechatronic system that meets the highest quality and functionality requirements.

The system approach is being enhanced with the latest development, the MicroMACS6. This compact multi- axis controller has been pared down to the bare necessities, without losing any familiar MACS functionalities. The freely programmable motion controller without power stages autonomously controls one to six axes and has two independent CAN interfaces, as well as an Ethernet interface. The controller can be used as a CAN- open master for controlling EPOS motor controllers. Escon controllers can be controlled via PWM outputs. In parallel, the powerful MicroMACS6 motion controller also communicates with a higher-level system to han- dle axis coordination in the system.

The controller was developed for applications that require compact systems, such as autonomous shuttles, equipment manufacturing, or subautonomous systems, and where multiple axes are involved. There are a variety of reasons to use the MicroMACS6 controller in an existing solution: On the one hand, because a motion logic system is needed to reduce the workload of an existing higher-level controller or replace it com- pletely. On the other hand, because additional motion functions are to be integrated. A real-life example is the autonomous, repetitive processing of motion profiles in laboratory and test applications, including data logging, or complex, jerk-optimized and synchronized motions of multiple axes or complete kinematic modules for Scara or delta robotics applications.

In principle, the controller is used wherever two or more axes work together synchronously or multiple axes are positioned, and the axis drive alone is no longer sufficient. The advantage over a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino solution is the hard real time, or the capability to provide a guaranteed response to an event within the given time frame. Precisely this real-time capability is critical for multiple axes to perform a task together well.

With ApossIDE (Integrated Development Environment), our customers have a comprehensive and license- free piece of automation software for programming the controllers of our maxon MACS series. Even extremely complex positioning and synchronization functions can be executed with simple commands (in C language).

Another new feature is the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) service and support add-on option. For the first time, it is now possible to have one wireless interface to all nodes of the CANopen bus for service and support, via a specific smart device application.

Maxon offers everything from a single source: Experts for drive solutions, uncompromising quality, innovation, and sustainability. As a system expert in the field of drives, Maxon is your partner when it comes to finding efficient solutions for complex drive tasks and implementing your applications.

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