Clamping technology

May it be something big?

May it be something big?

As a further development of the SolidBolt system from HWR, the purely mechanical zero-point clamping system SolidBolt Maxx is particularly suitable for large machine tables. In addition, it is approved for turning on milling lathes or vertical lathes up to a maximum of 800 rpm. It achieves holding forces of 120 kN per zero-point plate.

HWR has developed the new zero-point clamping system SolidBolt Maxx as a flexible option for securely holding large parts. After more than two years of successful use in its own production, as well as countless tests, the system is now available. Installation is extremely simple: For example, existing SolidGrip centering clamps or the chucks of the INOFlex VL series can be easily converted to SolidBolt Maxx. There are virtually no limits to the dimensions.

Typical of the SolidBolt series are the maintenance-free mechanics, the secure clamping and the high compatibility with common machines and fastening grids. SolidBolt Maxx can be used on practically any machine - hydraulics or pneumatics are not necessary. Another plus point is the 45° ratio of the locking mechanism to the clamping bolt, which was developed by HWR itself and which achieves a particularly high locking force. Not to forget the up to 50% lower costs compared to conventional systems with a vertical arrangement.

Easy to use, highly cost-effective

The fact that these modules are quick and easy to use has contributed to the success of the HWR SolidBolt product line - this of course also applies to the new addition SolidBolt Maxx. The other features are: optical clamping control for safe clamping, suitable and approved for turning, no media supply required because the function is purely mechanical, and a modular structure for different applications and heights.

With the SolidBolt Maxx zero-point clamping system, HWR has another cost-effective and high-quality solution in its range that fully meets the demanding and increasing requirements of the industry.

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