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Acquire suitable sensors quickly

Acquire suitable sensors quickly

Posital has launched its new WebShop for buyers of encoders, inclinometers, linear sensors and related accessories. The online store complements the company's established Product Finder portal, which allows customers to quickly and securely explore Posital's vast product range, configure products and purchase online.

For more than 15 years, Posital's in-house developed "mass customization" manufacturing system has shaped the company's business model, offering customers a wide range of product configurations - in keeping with the company's motto "One Million Sensors at Your Fingertips!" In the process, customers specify the product features they need with just a few mouse clicks using the menu system of the Product Finder tool. This includes a wide range of performance parameters such as resolution, accuracy or protection class, mechanical properties and interface options.

Using a modular system of components, the Product Finder configures exactly the sensor solutions that meet the requirements profile entered. The system automatically provides the user with data sheets, product codes and certificates as well as 2- or 3-D CAD drawings in the most common file formats. A new feature is a 3-D viewer that visually supports designers in their planning. Also new is a chat bot for clarifying technical questions. Once an order is placed via the WebShop, manufacturing of the desired products is initiated in Posital's digital factory, which produces exclusively on an order-by-order basis. Within minutes, the customer receives an email confirming the price and delivery date, as well as a tracking number once the finished product is in shipping.

The new WebShop complements Posital's global distribution system, which has also used B2B portals such as Amazon or Mercateo for some time. "Our tightly knit network of regional, specialist sales partners in particular will continue to play an important role in supporting customers, especially for larger orders," emphasizes Jörg Paulus, who is responsible for Posital's European business. "With the online store, we are primarily targeting maintenance engineers and system integrators who need to procure a custom-fit sensor as quickly as possible to ensure the ongoing operation of a system." With the new WebShop, customers can complete the entire selection and purchasing process quickly and conveniently without leaving the Product Finder portal. The following applies: 'minimum order quantity of one'!

The enhanced Product Finder portal has additional functions to support customers. These include EncoderMatch, a highly efficient tool for the MRO or spare parts business that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to sustainably simplify the search for compatible replacements for defective incremental encoders. By identifying the manufacturer and model number of the original device (information typically found on the nameplate), maintenance personnel or technical buyers can quickly find a suitable replacement from Posital's extensive product portfolio - regardless of the original device manufacturer. Specialized expertise or technical knowledge is not required to navigate EncoderMatch. Once a suitable replacement for the defective legacy device is identified, the portal provides users with detailed data sheets, CAD drawings and other supporting information. "The combination of EncoderMatch and WebShop makes even the procurement and ordering of exotic legacy equipment a breeze," Paulus emphasizes.