Always everything in view

Always everything in view

The new incremental encoder from Oriental Motor impresses with its high resolution and extremely compact design. Its precision in measuring speed, position and direction of rotation makes the encoder ideal for use in predictive maintenance.

The incremental encoders are available with resolutions of 1000 or 2000 pulses per revolution and measure with an angular accuracy of ±0.36°. Since the encoders have an outer diameter of just 30 mm and a depth of just 22 mm, they can be easily integrated even in applications with limited space.

Oriental Motor offers the incremental encoder with a round shaft and a hollow shaft. All versions have a voltage and a line driver output. The line driver output is particularly suitable for applications with longer signal lines because it amplifies the output signal. This improves the signal quality and allows higher frequencies. In combination with a line receiver, better protection against electromagnetic interference can also be achieved.

The incremental encoder provides 3 output signals (A, B, Z) and operates at a maximum frequency of 200 kHz (line driver) or 100 kHz (voltage). For optimal connection to the application, Oriental Motor supplies both standard cables and flexible shielded cables. The encoders have protection class IP20 and can be operated at ambient temperatures from -10 to +85 °C (no frost).