Condition Monitoring

Avoid wear and tear

Avoid wear and tear

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp has added a new function to its condition monitoring system: wear can now be monitored outside the chain without the need for additional cables in the energy supply. The system also monitors the push/pull forces during long travel distances and protects systems from damage and unplanned downtime.

With the Condition Monitoring System from Tsubaki Kabelzieh, the service life of an energy chain system can be fully utilized without having to replace it at an early stage. The way the system works is as simple as it is effective: condition sensors in the guide channel or in the driver carriage measure the degree of wear on the sliding shoes as well as the thrust and tensile forces on the drivers of energy chains with precise percentages. Because every machine is different, users can program the system for different applications and set the limit values individually. Free switching outputs for connection to own machine and system controls are also available.

The condition monitoring system is particularly suitable for all process-critical machines and systems where high availability must be guaranteed, such as production lines or cranes as well as in steelworks or bulk material plants. Downtime of systems and machines can be avoided by carrying out maintenance work early and in a planned manner - keyword predictive maintenance. Operators save time and money and benefit from a longer service life.