Fast and very accurate

Fast and very accurate

The very high-resolution NOS35K kit encoder from Megatron impresses with its measuring accuracy of ±300 angular seconds, a resolution of up to 23 bits (>8 million steps @360°) and actuation speeds of up to 12,000 rpm. These features make the encoder ideal for motor feedback applications and as a rotary encoder in robotics and factory automation.

The product design of the NOS35K is very compact with a diameter of 35 mm and a depth of only 16.5 mm. A shaft bearing and housing were deliberately omitted, so that the kit encoder, which consists of an electronics carrier for the electronics and an encoder wheel, fits easily into the smallest installation spaces. For connection to the application, the encoder is designed for shafts with Ø 5 / 6 / 6.35 mm. Thanks to the Hirose connector, the electrical connection is convenient.

The singleturn encoder module consists of a high-performance opto ASIC with integrated high-precision amplifier circuits. This module is coupled with a special multiturn encoder disk that rotates between the LED emitter and the photodetector of the opto-ASIC.

SSI and RS-485 are available as interfaces, and 17 / 19 / 21 / 23 bits can be selected for the resolution ex works - a resolution of 23 bits corresponds to 8,388,607 steps over 360°. At room temperature, the NOS35K measures angles with an accuracy of ±300 angular seconds. The maximum actuation speed of the encoder is 12,000 rpm. Special mention should also be made of the wide operating temperature range from -40° to +120 °C. Thanks to these features, the encoder is ideal for applications in robotics, factory automation and as a motor feedback encoder.

To achieve the accuracy of angle and velocity measurements in the application, the encoder must be positioned very precisely. For safe mounting in the application, appropriate tools are available from Megatron. For use of the encoder in scaled, fully automated production lines, the supplier optionally supplies the encoder with a calibration unit that electronically eliminates any remaining mechanical deviations caused by mounting tolerances (Phase Calibration Kit). Since the NOS35K is supplied without a protective housing, it may be necessary, depending on the application, to place a cylindrical hollow body over the encoder to provide IP protection.