Temperature controller

Improve machine status analysis

Improve machine status analysis

Improve machine status analysis

Omron, provider of industrial automation solutions, has announced the launch of the new NX-HTC temperature controller. This 30 millimeter wide controller enables optimal automatic control without the need for human intervention. It is ideal for applications such as sealing environmentally friendly packaging materials and innovative semiconductor chip manufacturing.

In the manufacturing and packaging environment, temperature control plays a critical role in ensuring product quality, optimal processes, managing thermal stress, and maintaining consistency and reproducibility. Anomalies in machine assembly can result in costly downtime and time spent identifying and correcting problems. With the NX-HTC temperature controller, Omron helps prevent such anomalies and significantly reduce the man-hours spent on troubleshooting.

The NX-HTC offers a unique temperature curve digitization function that allows users to accurately record and analyze temperature trends. This facilitates smarter maintenance planning because signs of unusual equipment conditions can be identified early. Examples include deterioration of the heating element, incorrect placement of the sensor, or powder adhesion to the surfaces of the sealing bars.

With an impressive resolution of 0.01 degrees Celsius, the NX-HTC temperature controller enables high-precision temperature control, even in high-temperature scenarios. In addition, it offers comprehensive functions for heating and cooling control as well as support for HBA (heater burnout) alarms. The NX-HTC is also equipped with a pre-boost function that proactively reduces compensation times by up to 80 percent. This function responds immediately to machine stops and compensates for pending temperature drops in synchronization with machine movement, maximizing production efficiency.

The NX-HTC is available in four and eight control loop versions and enables multi-point control with a compact width of 30 millimeters. This means it requires 40 percent less space than its predecessor, the NX-TC, which had four channels per unit. This compact design optimizes space utilization and simplifies installation.

The NX-HTC supports a universal input that enables the evaluation of a wide range of sensors. It is compatible with 12 types of thermocouples, Pt100 and linear current/voltage sensors, including infrared sensors. Additionally, the NX-HTC features an ultra-compact interface cable system that simplifies the setup process and reduces wiring complexity.