Condition Monitoring

Improves control of engines

Improves control of engines

Improves control of engines

Even failure types that are difficult to measure, such as frequent speed changes or motors with rapidly changing loads, can be monitored more efficiently with the K7DD-PQ control device series, thus preventing unexpected device failures.

Omron introduces the K7DD-PQ series to the market. This innovative device for monitoring engine characteristics was developed for the automatic detection of abnormalities and anomalies in production facilities. The K7DD-PQ series is specifically designed for monitoring servo motors with frequent speed changes and motors with rapidly changing loads.

By analyzing more than 400 types of feature values derived from current and voltage measurements, the K7DD-PQ can detect specific failure modes. These include, for example, worn knives, tangles or damaged bearings in machine tool spindle motors. Thanks to this automation, companies are no longer dependent on the expertise and intuition of specialists. This means you can reduce testing effort and prevent unexpected failures.

The K7DD-PQ ensures accurate and comprehensive data processing. It is equipped with 2.5μs high-speed scanning technology that detects even the smallest anomalies. It also has a six-channel simultaneous/continuous operation function that can process data without omission or deviation. The K7DD-PQ can effectively monitor servo motors and induction motors and detect deviations caused by gaps between rotor and stator or changes in torque. The device enables independent condition monitoring within the production facility and eliminates the need for complex installations or cloud-based systems. A simple retrofit to the panel makes local monitoring and instant anomaly detection a breeze.

With a speed of 50ms, the K7DD-PQ can keep up with variable speed devices, significantly reducing inspection workload. It simplifies data analysis by automatically selecting effective feature values and setting threshold values. This enables the identification of different failure modes and their causes, ensuring reliable results and increasing the overall effectiveness of the system.

Omron's K7DD-PQ series helps automate and optimize maintenance tasks. In this way, it helps companies to face the increasing shortage of skilled workers. At the same time, the solution addresses the growing need for efficient maintenance processes, prevents unexpected system failures and helps to increase productivity in production.