Condition Monitoring

Complete surveillance

Complete surveillance

The SPN Drive Monitoring includes the monitoring box, sensors, cloud, processing, filtering, connectivity and communication.

SPN Drive Monitoring offers individual solutions for condition monitoring of customer-specific SPN gear solutions. In addition to condition monitoring, which makes it possible to identify process changes in the drive train, a downstream analysis can be used to predict when the next maintenance will be required (predictive maintenance).

By using a monitoring system, the user brings his machine into the age of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). He can continuously collect digital information about his machine and thus pave the way to introducing a digital twin himself.

The advantages

  • Also applies to individual gearboxes
  • Selection of suitable sensors that are specially tailored to the gearbox
  • Use of a modular monitoring system, adapted to your requirements
  • Integration and installation of smart sensors directly into the drive train
  • Processing, filtering and archiving of the measurement data
  • Provision of the measurement data and evaluations via individually configured dashboards
  • Alerting in the event of major deviations from the target status