Condition Monitoring

Monitor very precisely

Monitor very precisely

Micro-Epsilon has expanded its portfolio of capacitive displacement sensors for monitoring industrial plants with the capaNCDT CSE01 and CSE025 models. With a diameter of just 3 mm and a length of 15.6 mm, the CSE01 is one of the smallest triaxial sensors in the world. Equipped with an integrated cable, the small sensor can thus also be integrated into confined installation spaces.

Sensors from Micro-Epsilon based on the capacitive measurement principle are small and provide highly accurate distance, position and thickness measurements.  The extensive product portfolio offers more than 30 standard capacitive sensors with measuring ranges from 0.05 to 10 mm. The innovative Triax technology enables sensor replacement without additional calibration.

The robust sensors are extremely versatile. They measure in industrial environments where submicron accuracy is achieved as well as in clean environments where even measurements down to subnanometer accuracy are possible.

In special environments such as vacuum, clean room or with magnetic fields, the sensors also provide extremely stable signals. They are also temperature compensated and achieve maximum precision even at fluctuating and high temperatures.