Now even safer and more flexible

Now even safer and more flexible

Now even safer and more flexible

With the second generation of the ActiveShuttle, Bosch Rexroth brings more movement to intralogistics and increases the safety, efficiency and flexibility of autonomous transports. Thanks to camera-based 3D obstacle detection, object protection and orientation reach a high level, and the range of applications now also includes objects projecting into the travel path.

The touchscreen display, which is also newly integrated, enables individual configuration and fast error management directly on the mobile robot. In the spirit of Intralogistics 4.0, the updated AMS (ActiveShuttle Management System) control software communicates seamlessly with assembly and now also allows individual transport orders with configurable job templates.

With the ActiveShuttle, Bosch Rexroth is meeting the current requirements of intralogistics: increasingly complex material flows, growing component diversity and fluctuating production figures. Autonomous transports allow highly flexible intralogistics processes to be implemented without having to adapt the factory infrastructure. The robustly designed ActiveShuttle transports floor rollers with small load carriers and a total load of up to 260 kg fully automatically through the factory hall. With a view to maximum efficiency, the ActiveShuttle can be easily integrated into the shop floor (Plug & Go), intuitively operated and networked.

3D obstacle detection increases mobility and object protection

Thanks to integrated object and personnel protection, the new ActiveShuttle with Advanced Interaction can move freely around the factory. In addition to the safety laser scanner, stereo depth cameras now detect the space in 3D. In addition to high and low obstacles, objects protruding into the path of travel beyond the laser range are also detected. This enables the mobile robot to brake in time and take evasive action.

The extended detection capability not only increases accident protection, but also expands the range of applications to narrow, congested or non-standard environments without defined footprints. Looking to the future, the camera system already lays the foundation for autonomous search and detection of material sources (Go & See).

Touchscreen display: interaction on the spot

With the ActiveShuttle, a variety of supply principles can be realised, such as cyclical transports or demand-oriented material supply. The new touchscreen display integrated into the vehicle console ensures even more efficiency on site, because the operating personnel can now interact directly and intuitively with the mobile robot. This creates more transparency through job and status information, saves time in diagnosing and rectifying errors and simplifies boarding - the registration of the mobile robot with the higher-level management system.

Job and fleet management even more flexible and individualised

In the course of the innovations, Bosch Rexroth has also expanded the functional scope of the ActiveShuttle Management System (AMS). The AMS is a comprehensive software for fleet and order management that now offers even more degrees of freedom. In addition to simple transport movements from source to sink, complex work sequences can now also be created. For example, users can define reference runs or use extended functions. In the area of machine-to-machine communication, the ActiveShuttle can, for example, send signals at certain waypoints or only start moving on a corresponding signal.

Orders are transmitted to the ActiveShuttle either fully automatically from higher-level IT systems (MES, ERP, etc.) or manually via the web-based user interface on a PC or tablet. With the goal of seamlessly networking assembly and logistics, the connection to the shop floor infrastructure is continuously being expanded. Machines, robots and sensors (e.g. dash buttons) can thus communicate directly with the AMS via various standard interfaces and request replenishment in the event of a material shortage, for example.

With regard to a standardised communication interface for data exchange between driverless transport and control systems, the AMS already supports the VDA 5050 standard. The new ActiveShuttle with Advanced Interaction is thus also equipped for the requirements of tomorrow in this respect.