Proven technology, new model

Proven technology, new model

FSG has developed a new model of the MH609 miniature analogue encoder. The special feature: the angle of rotation is freely programmable by the user by means of FSG's own software solution.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the proven miniature encoder of the MH609 series can be used especially where space is limited. Typical applications are control devices for construction machinery as well as master controllers and operating devices for the railway and marine industries.

In cooperation with a Norwegian company from the shipbuilding industry, FSG has now developed the new MH609-P programmable model. It is used in the control lever for the ship's rudder system; with appropriate programming by the user, it adapts precisely to the lever travel.

The technical data and features of the MH609-P at a glance:

  • Miniature encoder (analogue) with redundant Hall sensor
  • Detectable angular ranges 0 - 360
  • Angle of rotation freely programmable up to 360° by the user
  • Ideal for position detection in joysticks, command transmitters or master controllers
  • Interface for signal output optionally 4-20 mA, 0.5-4.5 V or CANopen

The operating principle for the new analogue model is derived from the FSG miniature encoder MH605, where the angular range can also be programmed by the user to any angle up to 360°.

Without this programmability, the encoder would on the one hand be limited to a fixed angle of rotation, which is only suitable for one specific application at a time and could lead to compromises in terms of resolution and precision. On the other hand, programming makes it possible to use the same encoder model for different applications with different rotation angles: Reducing different encoders to just one programmable device like the MH609-P saves effort and costs.