Condition Monitoring

Radio-based IIoT condition monitoring

Radio-based IIoT condition monitoring

Radio-based IIoT condition monitoring

While condition monitoring instruments are often already firmly integrated into newer industrial production plants, it is often more difficult to subsequently integrate measurement solutions that allow predictive maintenance into existing systems. For existing systems, primarily with rotating system parts - such as motors, gearboxes, pumps or fans - measurement specialist Althen offers an easy-to-upgrade condition monitoring system using vibration measurement. Wireless measurement nodes communicate the measurement data wirelessly to a gateway, which then transmits it to a cloud. Althen has developed a monitor solution for data analysis that offers a variety of clear evaluation options.

Machines with rotating system parts are subject to greater wear and tear due to the resulting oscillations and vibrations. Predictive condition monitoring is crucial here in order to detect wear and tear at an early stage, avoid failure and ultimately save costs if wearing parts can be serviced in a timely manner and replaced in a planned manner.

Measuring specialist Althen offers a measuring solution for vibration measurement and condition monitoring consisting of wireless, battery-operated vibration sensors that transmit the measurement data to a cloud via gateways, as well as the “Althen Monitor” for data evaluation. These measuring nodes measure vibrations in three directions and process these signals in the sensor itself. Vibration measurements usually generate a lot of raw data, the transmission of which requires a large volume of data.

However, the Althen vibration sensor does not pass on the raw data unfiltered, but rather it can be determined in advance which vibration acceleration data should be processed and transmitted. The data is passed on via a self-organizing mesh network made up of several measurement nodes that communicate with each other and with the gateways used. Depending on the system situation and free space, a gateway is responsible for radio communication for up to 25 sensors. The network can be expanded or reduced at any time with measurement nodes and gateways as needed. The wireless vibration sensors are also available in an ATEX-certified version for use in potentially explosive areas.

Monitor solution with a diverse dashboard

The special thing about the monitoring solution is the dashboard developed by Althen, which allows a variety of evaluations of the data collected and thus provides information about the condition of the system and possible maintenance intervals. The structure of the dashboard can be individually tailored to the customer, e.g. B. at plant, building, location level or even across companies and countries. When desired limit values are defined, alarm messages are sent by email.

The IoT monitor offers the option of limit value monitoring according to ISO-10816 as well as measuring individual machine data. Depending on the scope of the booking, the basic functions mentioned are included in the measurement solution or, for example, in the “Pro” version. B. FFT displays and detailed diagnostic functions in the “Intelligent” package.

Easy integration into existing systems

Althen's condition monitoring is easy to integrate for medium and small companies with existing systems. Thanks to radio communication, the solution is not wired, which significantly reduces installation work and therefore costs. Thanks to bidirectional communication, the measuring nodes not only transmit the recorded data, but they can also be configured system-specifically from the IoT monitor.