Condition Monitoring

Real-time error detection

Real-time error detection

Real-time error detection

The new HS35iQ programmable encoder with PulseIQ technology from Hengstler helps users with troubleshooting and thus reduces downtimes to a minimum.

The HS35iQ hollow shaft encoder with PulseIQ technology is a feedback device with self-diagnosis, colored LED and digital output. The device opens up new possibilities for OEMs and end users to troubleshoot encoders in demanding machine applications, as it allows access to the encoder's functional status in real time. Specific error messages avoid unnecessary downtime and recommendations for corrective action allow users to resolve the underlying cause as quickly as possible..

The HS35iQ encoder from Hengstler offers a number of advantages:

  • Environmental data: IP67, 400 g shock, 20 g vibration, standard temperature and operating conditions
  • Error pre-warning including in the event of clutch slip, overspeed, line faults, over- or undertemperature and encoder status
  • Configuration of the error conditions for overspeed and temperature warnings/error messages
  • Error log can be called up via the PulseIQ Encoder software
  • Programmable resolution (max. 20,000 pulses per revolution), selectable output phase, voltage, index width, gate times and position of the index pulse

The encoder's patented technology immediately detects if the mechanical coupling is not sufficiently tight or if the sizes of the shaft and bore do not match. This is a valuable function, as slippage of the coupling between the motor shaft and encoder can lead to undesirable encoder downtime. Another feature of the encoder is overspeed alarms: they protect machines and employees from unsafe operating conditions.

If the mechanical connection is loose or the shaft reaches critical speeds, the corresponding error displays change to indicate the error status before the failure occurs. Life cycle data and error status are available at any time in the built-in memory and can be called up via the PulseIQ Encoder software.

Customized encoder designs for a variety of applications

With the PulseIQ software, users can also individually configure the following encoder data: Resolution (1-20,000 pulses per revolution), phase position, ABZ/voltage of the error output, polarity of the Z-index pulse, position and gate time. Other programmable features include the configuration of the environment and fault specifications as well as an event log. The grouping of several programming options under a common part number simplifies the stock-keeping of the encoders.

Avoid high costs

The costs of replacing encoders and cables, troubleshooting and material losses quickly add up. With the HS35iQ, these problems are a thing of the past: The encoder helps users to immediately identify the underlying cause of a system failure and thus avoid many hours of unproductive time.