Condition Monitoring

Real-time monitoring combined with oil filtration

Real-time monitoring combined with oil filtration

Recognising damage before it occurs - that is the key to success in modern machine maintenance. This is why Sumitomo Drive Technologies has developed its Eye series: Eye clean, Eye connect and Eye complete.

The mechanical engineering company's CMS innovation goes one step further than existing systems: it combines the condition monitoring of drives with oil filtration in a single solution. With predictive maintenance, users can increase the reliability and service life of their machines and systems.
Predictive maintenance combined with oil filtration

The Eye complete condition monitoring system combines Sumitomo Drive Technologies' decades of drive expertise with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and offers users the opportunity to analyse the condition of their systems and machines in real time and maintain the gear oil at the same time.

The wide range of functions, including advanced vibration monitoring, oil analysis and oil filtration, help to ensure predictive maintenance and thus increase the reliability and service life of machines and systems. For vibration monitoring, the condition monitoring system offers advanced and user-friendly data processing. For quality control of the gear oil, the Eye series measures the ISO purity, water content and oil temperature with extreme precision.

The Eye series offers three variants:

  •     Eye clean: This mobile oil filter configuration is ready for use directly on site and can filter both saturated water and oxidised oil with a filter capacity of up to 16 litres per minute. This means that the oil can be used up to five times longer.
  •     Eye connect: With two independent dashboards - one local and one cloud-based - the condition monitoring system provides real-time data and insight into gearbox function, including wear, water content, particles, oil quality, temperature and vibration, regardless of time or location.
  •     Eye complete: The combined solution seamlessly integrates machine condition analysis and oil filtration. With the implemented early warning technology, Eye helps to proactively prevent damage and extend the service life of the machines.

"Our Eye condition monitoring system not only provides information about the current condition of the machine and its oil condition, but also accurately predicts when a component will fail. These precise predictions are crucial for optimising the service life and performance of machines and systems," says Reza Golafshan, Team Leader Condition Monitoring Systems at Sumitomo Drive Technologies.