Condition Monitoring

Reliably detect wear with gate time measuring module

Reliably detect wear with gate time measuring module

B&R has added a gate time measurement module for efficient machine and process monitoring to its portfolio with a new bus controller. The new gate time measurement module from the X67 series ensures constant production processes, thereby increasing product quality and throughput. Rejects and the associated costs are reduced.

The module measures the duration of switching operations extremely precisely. This makes it immediately visible if the switching times change between the switching processes, for example if the machine components are worn or if environmental influences such as temperatures change. In this way, the measuring module enables condition-based maintenance. Deviations from the expected switching times can be compensated automatically. Unplanned machine downtimes or quality fluctuations can be reliably avoided.

Can be used anywhere

The module, which has IP67 protection, can withstand the most adverse environmental conditions. It has six digital outputs with read-back status and six digital inputs. The digital channels can be configured in pairs. This makes it possible to perform a gate time measurement with 100 µs resolution directly on the module. The measurement can be triggered on positive or negative edges.

The unit is also equipped with an analogue input with configurable filter functions. The digital outputs are protected against overload and short circuit. The module is integrated into the machine network via Powerlink.