Slip rings

Smooth transition for renewable energy

Smooth transition for renewable energy

Durable and resistant slip rings play a key role in the transmission of power and signals in wind turbines. Because of their reliable and trouble-free design, slip rings from Servotecnica are a good option for equipping small to medium-sized wind turbines. They are used for the wind-dependent adjustment of the rotor blades or at the rotatable transition between nacelle and tower.

The rotor blades on wind turbines are often adjusted by means of geared motors. They turn the rotor blades around their own longitudinal axis so that they offer the wind more or less attack surface. A standard SVTS A slip ring can be placed here in a hollow shaft between the wind turbine hub and the nacelle for the transmission of power and signals for the geared motors. Thanks to optimised ring diameters, the SVTS A slip ring has a longer service life than conventional rotary transmitters (107 revolutions) and is particularly suitable for smaller wind turbines. Up to 56 slip ring tracks and three to 56 current circuits are available for current transmission. The encapsulated slip rings with IP51 protection are mounted on ball bearings and installed in a robust plastic/aluminium housing. The SVTS A reaches speeds of up to 250 min-1 and is available in three sizes of 12, 22 and 25 mm.

Safe and powerful contact to the nacelle

The SVTS E series is suitable for installation between the tower and the nacelle. It is equipped with a hollow shaft of 25 to 60 mm diameter. Its design reduces the installation space and significantly lowers the installation costs. The SVTS E has eight slip ring tracks for up to 20 A and 400 V. Optionally, four conductor ring tracks for up to 40 A are also available for power transmission. The originally enclosure-less slip ring type is also supplied with enclosures in protection class IP54 for offshore use. In addition, heating options to prevent condensation and special connectors for quick assembly and maintenance can be integrated.

Good basis for new wind turbine concepts

The small encapsulated slip rings of the SVTS B series are currently being tested for new types of small wind turbines. There they transmit bus signals for the control and regulation of wind turbines networked from several individual rotors. The SVTS B has a plug-in shoe connection for easy assembly and is manufactured in two sizes. It consists of eight slip ring tracks for higher currents up to 20 A and is characterised by a low contact resistance. The numerous contact points ensure minimal wear on the rings and enable a service life of 108 revolutions.