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BestSens has been developing and distributing innovative sensor-based measuring systems for monitoring system-critical rotating equipment for eleven years. Together with METAX Kupplungs- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH, the technical standard for monitoring mechanical seals has been set.

Ideally, pumps in the process industry run faultlessly and without unforeseen failures. Unfortunately, practice shows a different picture. Operators incur high costs when important process pumps come to a standstill due to mechanical seal or bearing damage. Often, the loss of sales due to the loss of production far exceeds the repair costs.  Operators act optimally if they pursue a demand-oriented maintenance strategy, i.e. repair their equipment precisely when, on the one hand, the bearing and mechanical seal show wear, but the function of the equipment is not yet impaired and, on the other hand, the risk of a sudden failure is still relatively low.

Those responsible for maintenance have long since recognized that such condition-based maintenance can only be implemented on the basis of sensor data in the face of an increasing shortage of skilled workers and personnel. Industry 4.0 plays into the cards for this project.

Up to now, smaller, inexpensive pumps have often not been taken into account in condition monitoring by sensor technology for cost reasons. However, these small pumps are also capable of bringing a process to a standstill. BestSens wants to take advantage of this market potential and delivers a cost-effective OEM solution for intelligent pumps with the DOT platform.

The DOT platform consists of the DOTs, small, low-cost multi-sensor nodes that are mounted directly on the pump's bearing bracket, for example.

Using PoE (Power over Ethernet), the measuring nodes supply themselves with power via the data line. The operator gets a direct insight into the status of his pumps on his smartphone by simply connecting to the DOT app. The valuable status data flows into existing SCADA and cloud systems via the standardized OPCUA and MQTT communication protocols.

BestSens will launch with select OEMs in mid-2023 with the vibDOT and in the fall with the sealDOT.

Sensor node for measuring vibration in 3 axes + temperature at the bearing.

Sensor node for measuring vibration in 3 axes + temperature at the bearing. In addition, the condition of the mechanical seal is recorded. (patented BestSens SAW technology + temperature at the mechanical seal).

Development Manager Wolfgang Diller summarizes: "We have succeeded in offering high-tech at low cost. In short, with the DOT platform, we are getting to the heart of condition monitoring for pumps."