For decades, encoders have been an essential component when it comes to precise position and speed detection in machines. But today, encoders are much more than just transmitters of process data. They provide important information for condition monitoring and thus make a significant contribution to predictive maintenance concepts in modern mechanical engineering.  The new absolute encoders WV3650M and WH3650M from Siko are true "door openers" for Industry 4.0 applications thanks to their integrated IO-Link interface.

The new encoders from the second generation of SIKO's 36mm series are not only particularly compact, but thanks to the new architecture, additional interfaces such as IO-Link and smart features, they are a future-proof solution for machine concepts of Industry 4.0. The two encoders, which are optionally available as solid shaft or hollow shaft variants, can be designed with an SSI or an IO-Link interface. Particularly with the IO-Link interface, which is integrated in accordance with the latest standard in version 1.1 as per IEC 61131-9, SIKO has expanded the encoders with important functions in the area of communication and diagnostics. Thus, the sensor transmits information relevant to plant availability, such as temperature, operating hours and other diagnostic data, together with position and speed values.

Easy integration thanks to sophisticated design

The encoders are not only integrated into the control system in no time at all, they are also quickly and easily integrated into the plant thanks to the sophisticated design and a wide range of electrical and mechanical options. Whether single-turn or multi-turn version, with connector or cable outlet, or in a solid shaft as well as optional hollow shaft version, the encoders can be flexibly configured to meet the needs of the application.  

Cost-efficient and robust

The multiturn version is gearless and battery-free and, depending on the version, can detect over 16 million revolutions and thus a range of 24 bits. Both encoder variants have a particularly robust design. With a protection class of up to IP67, a wide temperature range of -40...+85 °C and high shock and vibration resistance, they are very well suited for use in industrial applications as well as factory automation.

Wire-actuated encoders with IO-Link and SSI up to 15m

In combination with SIKO wire-actuated encoders, linear distances of up to 15 m can also be detected absolutely and precisely with the WV3650M. Thus, in the area of linear and rotary measurement with SSI and IO-Link, SIKO now also offers a wide range of sensors with IO-Link and SSI for rotary encoders and wire-actuated encoders in addition to the magnetic bearingless encoders from the MagLine product range.

By Mathias Roth, Head of the Mobile Automation Business Unit at Siko GmbH