More knowledge through AI

More knowledge through AI

Siemens and Empolis cooperate on digitalisation and structuring of organisational knowledge for drive systems.

In times of digital transformation, the maintenance of drive systems with unrestricted access to all relevant data is becoming a crucial service to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient business processes.

To achieve this, one of the most important measures is the transactional availability and usability of organisational knowledge in any form over the product lifetime of drive systems. This facilitates collaboration, answers technical or commercial questions, makes event-based decisions and validates initiated operational activities.

Knowledge graphs are a form of knowledge representation. They represent an understandable and explainable form of artificial intelligence. Knowledge graphs establish links and references and help to build models that humans and computers can work with equally. This expands the possibility of exploring relationships and deriving insights.

The goal of the collaboration between Siemens Large Drives Applications and Empolis is to expand the foundation for knowledge discovery in Sidrive IQ - Siemens' digital platform for drive systems and solutions. Using knowledge graphs as the core of Empolis' Intelligent Views Platform, data that is already available in documents, applications or in the minds of employees is gradually made easily accessible and automatically reusable. "This opens up the possibility to collect, manage, network and confidentially share information in knowledge-intensive processes across the product lifecycle of our drive systems. This provides a transformative force to expand our business activities in many areas such as service quality or process efficiency and consistency," says Sebastian Winkler von Mohrenfels, Head of LDA Digital Business.

The integration of Empolis' Intelligent Views Platform will not only unearth existing organisational knowledge, which is crucial for the day-to-day business of experts in various areas such as customer service or research and development. It will also help to extract structured, standardised and trusted data that can support the improvement of IoT services and the contextualisation of AI-based functions such as chatbots or automated root cause analysis.

"Consolidating, structuring and communicating all of an organisation's knowledge and building a centralised knowledge management system provides a common source of information and opens up a multitude of opportunities for user self-service and automation of data services. This empowers knowledge workers and promotes informed decision-making," says Andreas Klüter, Co-CEO & CTO, Empolis.

Sidrive IQ represents a holistic IoT solution and services for intelligent data management of drive systems and solutions. With Sidrive IQ, reliability, performance and maintainability of drive systems become holistically controllable over the entire lifecycle. This means that the drive system is no longer restricted to its natural physical limits and its straightforward purpose in the operating process. It is augmented by the automated capabilities of AI, digital content and shared virtual collaboration - always and everywhere. This leads to a reduction in operational risk, an extension of asset life and ultimately an impact on financial performance.

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