No compressed air source? No problem!

No compressed air source? No problem!

Perfectly suited for use in mobile applications, the new CRP series compact compressor enables the use of pneumatic components in areas without a compressed air supply. Depending on the application, the versatile CRP series can be used and connected as a compressor (positive pressure) or vacuum pump (negative pressure) with appropriate tubing.

With a compression pressure of up to 0.55 MPa and a vacuum of up to -70 kPa, the electric compact compressor of the CRP series from SMC is a real problem solver for applications where no compressed air source is available. Examples include robots or collaborative robots (cobots) mounted on mobile AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) or AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), which meet the challenge of carrying out pneumatic processes while they are in motion. With its compact dimensions of just 154 mm (width) x 134 mm (height) x 100 mm (depth) and its low total weight of just 3.5 kg, the new compact compressor is the ideal solution for all environments where space is limited or weight restrictions prevail. Depending on requirements, the compressor can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Equipped with an oil-free reciprocating compressor, there is no need for daily compressor oil maintenance. Depending on the environment and system requirements, the new CRP series can be used without a microfilter, allowing customers to benefit from additional cost savings. The combined delivery of compressor and controller supports simple installation.

Thanks to the available silencers, the CRP series is very quiet (up to a maximum of 55 dB) and therefore ideal for use in quiet areas such as laboratories or sampling areas. Even in continuous operation, there is no overheating.

In addition to use in the aforementioned mobile robot systems, the compact compressor is also suitable for compressed air or vacuum applications in handling systems in the automotive industry, for transporting rivets or bolts in otherwise pneumatic-free applications, for sample preparation and sealing in laboratory automation and for general pressurization of machines without a compressed air source.