Frequency inverters

One for all

One for all

SEW-Eurodrive wants to redefine the standard with the compact Movitrac advanced frequency inverter. Five reasons speak for a genuine all-rounder with a high degree of standardization and extremely easy handling for global use.

Whether conveyor belts, hoists or palletizers - the universal frequency inverter is suitable for a wide range of applications from simple speed control to encoderless torque control and dynamic positioning operation.

As part of the Movi-C modular automation system, the Movitrac advanced inverter can control asynchronous and synchronous three-phase motors with and without encoders. The standardized single-cable technology in the modular system with Movilink DDI digital motor interface enables automatic identification of a geared motor from SEW-Eurodrive. This significantly reduces the time required during commissioning and also results in a particularly space-saving installation.

The integrated communication interface enables connection to common control systems worldwide - optionally via Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP or Powerlink. Safe communication via Profisafe, Safety over EtherCAT or CIP Safety can be implemented as an option.

The Movitrac advanced frequency inverter can be replaced during servicing without any commissioning knowledge. A portable memory module contains all the device data, which can be easily transferred to the new inverter without the use of engineering software.

The Allrounder is designed as standard for use in over 50 countries, for example with CE, UL or RCM certification. A power range of up to 315 kW and wide voltage ranges for 230 V and 400 V provide the necessary flexibility for global use.

Driving the world - this is not just a slogan, but a reality. SEW-Eurodrive has sales and service locations in 55 countries, for example in the logistics, automotive, beverage and food industries.