Organic runs like lubricated

Organic runs like lubricated

With GearFluid by SEW-Eurodrive, the Bruchsal-based drive automation company is introducing a premium lubricant for gearboxes that is produced from sustainable biomass. It conserves fossil raw materials and helps reduce dependence on petroleum.

GearFluid Poly 220 E1 is the first gear lubricant on the market produced from sustainable biomass. Because the base oil is produced without fossil raw materials, the CO2 release in the production process of GearFluid Poly - compared to conventional polyglycol oils - is reduced by 84%. Thus, this new premium lubricant also supports customers in reducing their corporate carbon footprint. GearFluid is tested according to the high quality requirements of the SEW test specifications. Highest wear protection for the gearing and rolling bearings reduces the risk of failures.

Low friction values of the premium lubricant increase gear efficiency. The new GearFluid Poly 220 E1 gear lubricant with a viscosity of 220 is available immediately. It can often be optionally selected as the first fill for standard gear units and gearmotors and servo gear units and gearmotors. For service and maintenance purposes, this lubricant is available in 20-liter canisters.

Lubricants for use in industrial gear units are usually based on a base oil produced from petroleum. Together with suppliers, SEW-Eurodrive succeeded in producing the first industrial gear lubricant based on sustainable biomass. In a synthesis process, biowaste and food residues, among other things, whose extraction does not require additional agricultural land, are processed into a high-quality base oil. The biomass used for this purpose complies with the Renewable Energy Directive of the EU Commission.

GearFluid by SEW-Eurodrive is rapidly biodegradable according to OECD 301 B and can therefore be used as a lubricant even in environmentally sensitive areas. It can be used in the vast majority of standard and servo gear units from SEW-Eurodrive. Compared to conventional bio-oils, GearFluid extends the lubricant change interval by up to 300% and there is no restriction on the use of different shaft sealing rings and sealing materials.

Since 2018, SEW-Eurodrive has been offering its own premium lubricants for standard, servo and industrial gear units. It is available worldwide as a mineral lubricant (GearOil Base) and as a synthetic lubricant in the variants GearOil Poly and GearOil Synth and stands for highest performance and efficiency as well as long service life in gear units from SEW-Eurodrive.