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Packaging without standstills with XTS Track Management

Packaging without standstills with XTS Track Management

Faulty products can be ejected without pausing the process with XTS Track Management. Das Koch PAC relies on this system in a sealing machine to ensure uninterrupted and efficient production.

XTS provides error-free production without any standstills via two valuable functions. Firstly, all products are continuously traceable in a system with an XTS. If a quality check after a process step reveals that the step has not been carried out correctly, the affected product is removed from further processing using the individually controlled movers. If, for example, a blister pack is not correctly positioned in the workpiece carrier, it passes through the sealing station without stopping and the work step is simply skipped. This saves on production resources, which has a positive impact on costs and on sustainability. XTS Track Management takes your production to the next level without downtime: defective products can be ejected using moving track sections.

The software responds to the quality check error message by steering the track management section that the affected mover is on to the reject track. The reject track can be used to transport the defective product to a safe manual workstation, for example. Once it arrives, it is reworked or removed from the system, and a track management station returns the mover to the production flow. Manual intervention does not disrupt the process as it would in a conventional transport system. Track management sections can be placed at any point in the production process, and multiple sections can be attached throughout the process. The sealing machine from Koch PAC, as shown in the video, contains five track management stations..

Watch the video to see how XTS Track Management works: Video