PC-based control for AGVs and mobile robots

PC-based control for AGVs and mobile robots

Cost pressure and staff shortages are encouraging the use of AGVs and AMRs in intra- and production logistics. Beckhoff´s PC-based control technology is ideal for automating these autonomous systems.

The market for AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) is rapidly expanding, propelled by the additional flexibility,efficiency, and safety that driverless transport systems bring to the world of intra- and production logistics.

In many cases, the capabilities of mobile robots can be limited by the underlying technologies, as most control platforms for autonomous mobile robots consist of different systems (PLC, motion control, navigation system, safety system, and battery system).  Combining these separate components of an AGV control system has traditionally been a complex task, requiring meticulous integration and wiring within the compact frame of an AGV.

This is where Beckhoff’s PC-based control offers a solution: as one of the most compact control systems for mobile robots, combining all the necessary functions into a single compact machine control system. Even the navigation, which primarily takes the form of a separate black box, can be implemented with the open, PC-based control technology from Beckhoff – potentially on a separate processor core of the CPU or in a different operating system running in a virtual machine on the same CPU if required.

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