"Among the best of the best"

"Among the best of the best"

Festo has been listed as a "Preferred Supplier" by Bosch since 2015. Now the company has received the "Global Supplier Award" from Bosch, making it one of the technology and service company's best suppliers worldwide. The global availability of products and services, the global support provided by international project teams and Festo's performance in the area of e-business had convinced Bosch.

"The Bosch Global Supplier Award recognises the best of the best. Of our approximately 23,000 suppliers worldwide, 46 companies were able to secure a place on the winners' podium this year," explains Dr Arne Flemming, Head of Supply Chain Management at Bosch.

Contribution to competitiveness

Every two years, the company presents the award for above-average performance in the manufacture and supply of raw materials, products or services. Festo is also a development partner for Bosch, contributing to the company's competitiveness. Festo received the award in the category "Indirect Purchasing". Bosch relies on partnerships with suppliers that enable long-term competitiveness. Partners who excel in close cooperation can participate in the company's strategies and development projects at an early stage and thus align themselves for the future.

"With our global production, logistics and sales network, we stand as a reliable partner for worldwide availability and intensive on-site advice for our customers in over 60 countries ", says Oliver Jung, Chairman of the Management Board of Festo. "The long-standing and successful cooperation with Bosch shows us that, as a technology and innovation leader in industrial automation and technical education, we can look back with pride and, of course, also look forward."

Part of the digitalisation strategy

To receive the "Global Supplier Award", Festo's overall package was convincing in the "Indirect Purchasing" category. Topics such as the global availability of products and services as well as global support through international project teams were in the foreground. Festo also scored points with e-business. These include e-catalogues, order management, e-invoicing and EDI connections. These solutions are part of Festo's global digitalisation strategies.

"We are driven by the desire not only to satisfy our customers, but to inspire them! This award reflects Festo's commitment and it fills us with great pride to receive it," said Dr Ansgar Kriwet, Chief Sales Officer at Festo. "We are pleased that the successful business relationship with Bosch is built on a very solid foundation and we are working to further expand this partnership."

Since 2015, Festo has held the status of "Preferred Supplier" for above-average performance in its cooperation with the Bosch Group and is thus regarded as an important supplier for special performance in terms of innovativeness, quality and reliability.