Automation solutions you can touch

Automation solutions you can touch

Leantechnik manufactures high-precision rack and pinion gears as well as lifting and positioning systems of all kinds. In a showroom, the entire product portfolio can now be experienced up close - both on site and online.

At the first stop of the exhibition, guests can expect the complete range of rack and pinion gears from Leantechnik. The high-precision gears form the basis for countless customer-specific lifting or positioning systems that the automation specialist designs and manufactures for its customers under the name Leantechnik Systems. In the showroom, an example Leantechnik Systems system from the areas of Leantechnik LIFT, Leantechnik P&P, Leantechnik Positioning, Leantechnik Shuttle and Leantechnik Gantry is set up.

One way to access the showroom is via the Internet. Here, you can move to the individual exhibition objects using a navigation bar or markings in the room. When you click on the marking, the respective system starts to move. In addition, visitors can watch a video for each exhibit that shows the lifting or positioning system in action. Technical data on the installed components can be called up via another button. Anyone interested in details about the system can also use a link to the corresponding product page on the Leantechnik website.

Visitors can move manually through the showroom using a mouse or finger movement, or activate a 360° view that automatically guides them through the exhibition. The virtual tour can be stopped at any time to take a closer look at individual exhibits. In addition to the virtual version, the showroom is also available at Leantechnik's headquarters in Oberhausen. Here, customers can have the Leantechnik Systems systems demonstrated and explained to them live.

"The showroom gives us the opportunity to present the advantages of our products very clearly," says sales employee Andreas Sprenger.