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Basics and Insights

Basics and Insights

For an espresso with Kipp: this is a new offer from the specialists for clamping technology, standard and operating parts from Sulz am Neckar. Basic information and innovations presented briefly and concisely, in a pleasant atmosphere, for example over a hot drink during a breakfast break. In one to two minutes, the entertaining #kippresso videos bring specialist knowledge to the point, in a friendly and creative way, so that the content remains in the memory for a long time.

"It's novelty time at Kipp!" This is how a current explanatory video about a side clamp, which is now being added to the clamping technology portfolio, begins. When do I need it? Whenever the workpiece is too big for the vice - check. Special features? The specially chamfered clamping block prevents the workpiece from slipping - check. How does it work? The side clamp transmits the force not only in the direction of the workpiece, but also downwards onto the machine table - Check. In less than a minute, the user is up to speed.

The idea for #kippresso came from KIPP's marketing department. Julia Kurz and Andre Jerke are in charge. They are supported by technology presenter Patrick Staack. Staack is very familiar with the product portfolio and, as a qualified mechanical engineer, can translate its technical finesse perfectly into exciting text. Together, the team tracks down interesting topics and condenses the content into a time interval that is equivalent to pouring a cup of espresso from a fully automatic machine.

Patrick Staack himself performs at regular intervals in the coffee kitchen or directly at the workbench and brings followers up to date with the latest technology and innovations from the Heinrich Kipp factory.