Best workplace to be

Best workplace to be

Nabtesco, the world's largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal gears, is shaping the industry of tomorrow with its innovations. Future-oriented thinking and action also shape the corporate culture. According to the rating portal kununu, Nabtesco is one of the best employers in Germany and shows how work succeeds in times of automation and digitalisation.

As a partner of modern automation technology, Nabtesco realises innovative drive concepts that decisively expand the horizons of transmission technology and consistently drive technological progress. The high-performance cycloidal gearboxes are an integral part of modern robotics and automation systems and have long been regarded as the key technology for efficient, reliable production processes. But automation and digitalisation not only have an impact on industry, the world of work is also undergoing fundamental change. This poses challenges for employees and employers alike, but at the same time also offers plenty of opportunities.

Awarded as one of the best employers in Germany

Only recently, Nabtesco was awarded "kununu Top Company 2023", making it one of the best employers in Germany. This high level of employee satisfaction is no coincidence; Nabtesco invests a lot of time and resources in its workforce. "Our staff is the most valuable thing we have. They have brought us to where we are today. That is why we are continuously working on optimising our working conditions and creating a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere for our employees," says Sarah Zielke, Junior Manager Human Resources at Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH.

Self-determination, independence and self-realisation are very important at Nabtesco. Employees are encouraged in their personal and professional development and are involved in decisions; they can freely develop their potential and contribute their ideas. Mobile working and a coachive management style contribute to a good work-life balance and create agile working methods and an attractive working environment.

Significant performance increases thanks to cycloidal gearboxes

More than eleven million Nabtesco precision gearboxes are now in use worldwide - from robotics to mechanical engineering, electromobility, logistics and medical technology to the fields of autonomous driving, battery production and renewable energies. Thanks to their outstanding precision and power density, the cycloidal gears enable faster machining processes, higher productivity and better product quality than conventional technologies - all at reduced costs.

Best workplace to be

Nabtesco is a shaper of the future, a driver of innovation and a technology pioneer - both as a gearbox manufacturer and as an employer. With its well thought-out, motivating and future-oriented employee management, the company is making its mark in the "war for talents" and is rightly positioning itself as the "Best workplace to be".