Expansion of successful cooperation

Expansion of successful cooperation

Expansion of successful cooperation

Special award for automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler: The company receives a twelve-year contract from Rolls-Royce, one of the leading international engine manufacturers.

Such a long commitment is not only unusual in the aviation industry. The collaboration is a major win for both sides. Rolls-Royce secures its supply chain for rolling bearings until 2035 with reliable products and leading manufacturing technologies from Schaeffler. Schaeffler, in turn, is taking an important step in its growth initiative by providing Rolls-Royce with long-term support in the form of innovative solutions, excellent research and development, and state-of-the-art manufacturing. 

Schaeffler will continue to offer the latest manufacturing technology and support engine development with optimized manufacturing processes through its "High Performance Bearing Manufacture" program. The focus of the cooperation is on rolling bearing systems for aircraft engines in the growth areas of business jets and wide-body aircraft.

Schaeffler will thus assume 100 percent of the supply volume for the European business. The majority of the portfolio will be manufactured at Schaeffler Aerospace in Schweinfurt, further strengthening the headquarters of Schaeffler's Industrial division. In addition, Schaeffler's expertise and capabilities from simulation and design to manufacturing and testing will support new development programs, further advancing the joint Rolls-Royce and Schaeffler technology roadmap.

Schaeffler is Rolls-Royce's "High Performance Supplier"

The even closer cooperation, which will start in 2024, is based on what is now almost 40 years of collaboration. Last year, Schaeffler was accepted into the "Rolls-Royce High Performance Supplier Group" and thus joined the exclusive ranks of Rolls-Royce's best suppliers and partners. Schaeffler's global presence and high vertical integration strengthen resilience and ensure business continuity. At the same time, Schaeffler received the "Best Practice Award" from Rolls-Royce for its exceptional performance in the UltraFan project for the development of the latest engine technology in line with the requirements of tomorrow's aviation.

"We are very honored that an important and large company like Rolls-Royce has committed to us with such a long-term contract. Our two companies have achieved a lot together. This is not only due to our expertise and quality standards, but also to our common understanding of how the business must develop in the future," explains Dr. Stefan Spindler, CEO Industrial at Schaeffler. "With our solutions, we are also making an important contribution to the goal of zero emissions in the aviation industry," adds Armin Necker, Managing Director of Schaeffler Aerospace Germany.

In addition to the 12-year contract, increased MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) activities will be carried out, which includes the supply of reconditioned bearings. The remanufacturing of bearings is a major contribution to extending the life cycle of products as well as saving CO2 emissions and thus significant amounts of resources. Both Rolls-Royce and Schaeffler are among the United Nations' 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders.

Warrick Matthews, CPO of Civil Aerospace Rolls-Royce, adds, "Our goal is to consistently improve Rolls-Royce's supply chain with a clear focus on high performance by our partners and on strict implementation of an environmentally friendly circular economy. We can optimally achieve both with our 'High Performance Supplier' Schaeffler."

"This success story is based on the trusting cooperation of the past years, which is supported by the commitment of the employees in both companies," explains Armin Necker. "Together, we will continue to pursue our ambitious goals for greater sustainability in aviation and achieve them through innovative product solutions manufactured and developed at our main site in Schweinfurt."