Faster to the energy-saving electric actuator

Faster to the energy-saving electric actuator

IAI Industrial Robots is an expert in compressed air-free automation. The company has completely redesigned its website so that the constantly growing portfolio of energy-saving electric actuators from IAI is presented even better to all visitors.

In addition, the current highs in energy prices are causing a sharp increase in demand for the many different energy-saving electric actuators from IAI. As a result, the number of visitors to the IAI website also increased.

In order to continue to guide this larger number of website visitors through the entire extensive portfolio in the future, we have designed our website to be completely and more video-based.

“With this relaunch of our website, we want to offer all visitors a simplified introduction and better clarity about our extensive product portfolio,” says Sales and Marketing Manager Stefan Ziemba. Some user-friendly features on the new website give newcomers a first insight into this energy-saving technology. It also makes it easier for existing customers to access the necessary in-depth product information. The main advantages of the new website include:

  •      the faster loading times of the new IAI website and the individual subpages
  •      immediate and easier access to further detailed technical information on all products
  •      many new design tools for easy initial selection
  •      Video sequences as a primary basis for product searches
  •      Numerous new example videos to see the electric actuators in use
  •      Information about Green Automation: How the use of electric actuators can reduce general energy consumption and CO2 emissions

In particular, IAI's so-called EleCylinder product range has been significantly expanded in the past two years. It makes it particularly easy to switch from pneumatically driven to energy-saving electric actuators. In addition to the linear and push rod axes, this product range now also includes electric rotary drives, electric grippers and many other special designs (such as clean room and splash-proof versions). The new controllers of the R-Unit series can now also be presented in a much more informative manner with all their technical advantages for customer-specific automation solutions.

The new website also makes personal contact with the IAI experts even easier. A simple form for direct contact is available on almost all subpages. “This means that customer-specific inquiries can be passed on easily, directly and without detours to our technical or sales experts at any time,” emphasizes Ziemba.